Ranunculus Tutorial

Sugar Ranunculus by Floralilie
Sugar Ranunculus by Floralilie

Here is my short "how-to"


I used self-made cutters made of aluminum plate (formed like a triangle) and the poppy veiner from SK Great Impressions for the white flower.

The yellow one was made with a five-petal-rose-cutter und the rose petal-DPM veiner.



Center (green petals):

First I glued a 18-gauge wire into a pressed cotton or styrofoam ball. You can also use a gumpaste ball but this has much more weight. Next I rolled out white gumpaste extremley thin.

(Very important!!!!)

The first two petals were glued around the ball in opposite position, overlapping each other on top of the ball. Then I colored them with green petal dust (Ginko from EdAbel Art)


The whole is repeated with two more petals, but they were glued transversely to the others without overlapping at the top.

I made two more rows in the green color, every row a little bit lighter green. The petals should be glued very tight around the ball.

 White petal rows:

Next I took a larger cutter and glued the following row of white petals in a way, that the petals extend beyond the green petals.


The petals should be arranged as roof tiles or fish scales, but in the same level.

Go on in that way until you have enough petals (check it with a photo of a real ranunculus) then place the further outer leaves so that they are somewhat lower. You don't have to hang the flower upside down until you notice that the petals are hanging down. 

From time to time I have  inserted the flower with the wire laterally into styrofoam so that the leaves are later aligned horizontally

Unfortunately, there are lots of petals!

 Finally cut out the calyx from green gumpaste, curl the leaves with a ball-tool and stick it under the flower.



To get a thick stem, wrap the wire together with a pipe cleaner with floral tape. Color it with petal dust in different green shades.

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    Lyn (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2016 05:34)

    Thank you

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    Floralilie (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2016 18:43)

    You're very welcome, Lyn! ♥